How to get t shirt printed all over

Have you ever wondered how some t shirts are printed all over i.e. meaning the whole t shirt is printed on the front and back plus the sleeve. Well rotary printing as its called is a printing method which many people have not heard of in UK primarily because the normal printing methods we are used to seeing and hearing in UK are transfer printing, screen or silk screen printing, sublimation or direct to garment printing. Ever since manufacturing has moved from UK to the Asia the whole industry of rotary printing has moved with it since this form of printing is really printing on the flat fabric before the garment is stitched.

Typically these are large rollers with your design and the whole fabric passes through the machine and gets printed. Once the fabric is printed then it is stitched and the result is a t shirt which is printed all over. With advance in digital printing means you can get even more graphic designs on fabric and once stitched you will get results which are absolutely awesome. Typically for all over printed t shirt you need a min run of 2000 pieces to get your design printed HOWEVER with the new digital machines you can now get very small runs being made. Further more with more sophisticated stitched t shirts like the American Apparel range of tees which are very flat such that they can be fixed to a print bed and have a normal screen big enough to have the whole garment printed. There are few companies which are offering this service where you can get smaller batches of actual t shirts printed all over but there are limitations of number of colours and the repeat of the artwork.