Digital Tees Printing

Now with Digital direct to garment printing get smaller orders printed with multiple colours


The family or types of digital printing have considerably expanded over the years. Initially digital printing used to be referred to transfer ink jet printed design heat pressed on to t shirts. But has technology advanced a new generation of direct to garment printing methods have come in to the market giving a new dynamics to the t shirt printing business. The main issue which t shirt printers have for smaller orders with complex artworks to print is that traditional methods or techniques such as screen printing tend not be feasible or cost effective for customers. Now with the introduction of T-JET and its likes means we can have a complex design and from as a minim order of 1 piece we can print a full colour artwork. The only draw back is that it works properly on white 100% cotton t shirt and mastering the technique to print on dark t shirts (using white ink) can be a very difficult task. The positive point is that now we can print on cotton t shirts instead of the tradition sublimation printing method which was the preferred choice for smaller runs with multi colour artwork.


Digital printing ideal for small runs with full colour artwork


When customers require a full colour artwork then as printers we have to do costing by accessing the number of colours in the design. Each colour has a separate screen set up charge which makes the whole order expensive if the order is small. For bulk runs screen printing is ideal that initial set up is divided by the large number of t shirts. Now with digital printing customers can have full colour designs printed with a very small order run without making the order expensive.