Hi-Vis Jackets are used by those who work in hazardous and dark environments, the reflective strips on the fluorescent colours provide excellent visibility even in the darkest of environment. However companies now have a great variety of products to choose from ranging from trousers, jackets and vests. these are available in bright colours such as Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green. companies also have the choice to have the company logo and slogan printed on the clothe. Recently Sara Hendrichs decided that the are not enough fashion options for cyclist who want to be safe while riding in the dark. She has a created her own clothing line that consists of reflective apparel, these aren't the traditional bulky jackets, these are cape and vest like clothing that is very minimalist yet has the essential functionality of making  the person wearing the vest visible to up to 100m. This provides a freedom of choice to cyclist who also happen to be fashion conscious. The YOKO brand of hi viz vests which we offer come in some 24 colour to choose from so depending on how daring you are to get your work force into the main stream fashion is up to your creativity in the artwork which is being used to print the vests.