When a company or an individual for that matter is deciding for a promotional campaign the first thing come to mind is what is the cheapest and best way to get my message across. Well here we look at the pros and cons and then decide which is the best of either going for a printed t shirt with your message or a pen with your message. One things is for sure going down the pen route will be a lot cheaper than a t shirt run but in the long term you will find that a printed t shirt with your message will get you more for your money spent. If one thinks about a life span then a pen will last couple of months, its small so easily gets lost in all the other stuff and the message area is so small that its not a great impact. However a t shirt you can have for years and wearing a t shirt in the gym or at home etc with a marketing message will surely get your word around a lot longer. So its really about getting that return on your investment i.e how many people will see that t shirt if someone wears it for a jogging in the park with your message?

There is however an argument which suggest you get more marketing material than t shirt in a given spend e.g. £100 might get you 200 pens but only 40 odd t shirts personalized. However what is crucial to understand that printed tee with your message will have a lot more exposure to trailing marketing (e.g when people are wearing your printed tee on the street) than a pen would. So overall companies are more inclined to go down the personalized printed t shirt route more than anything else.