Custom T-shirt printing is something that is recently in demand by everyone be it for personalised use or for the sake of advertisement. The custom T-shirt printing is something being adopted by almost everyone out there for which various methods have evolved. The methods are ideal for designing the T-shirts you choose to wear and each one undoubtedly carries its positive as well as negative side along.
Before you rush for any of the services, you must be aware about what actually the methods of custom T-shirt printing are and what are its pros and cons. The under mentioned tips will certainly help you gain a great deal of information:

Screen Printing
In this process of custom T-shirt printing, a screen or stencil is pressed against the cloth and different colors are used to paint the screens. It is one of the most popular techniques and pastes a copy of layer one over the other.
Pros of Screen Printing
o Screen printing offers high quality output
o It is one of the methods you can look forward to if you want T-shirts to be printed in bulk as it is very cost effective.
o Provides durable results
Cons of Screen Printing
o It requires different stencils or screens for different colors.
o Creating final designed T-shirt can require multiple steps or stages as it is a stepwise approach.

Direct to garment printing
It is one of the recently evolved techniques and as the name suggests it prints the ink directly to garments. It does not give an outward or bulged feel on the T-shirt as the color or ink makes its way deep down in the fiber.
Pros of Direct to Garment Printing
o Diverse number of colors can be used in one printing one custom T-shirt
o Highly effective for complex designs
o The method can be most suitable if you are looking forward to print your custom T-shirt
Cons of Direct to Garment Printing
o This form of printing can be costly for bulk orders
o The process can be complex if the cloth is darker in color

This is not actually a type of printing but rather the design or logo is kind of stitched on your T-shirt and is well known for professional printing.
Pros of Embroidery
o It is suitable for providing professional looks especially if you look forward to work on polo T-shirts
o The method yields durable outcomes and is efficient for large design patterns
Cons of Embroidery
o The method turns out to be difficult in case of complex patterns
o The quality output varies with the underlying fiber.

Transfer printing
This is one of the method used for custom T-shirt designing and is used to transfer an image from one medium to another, producing a permanent effect. The transfer printing can be performed through heat transfer, laser transfer or inkjet transfer and is usually distinguishable from other types of printing as a bulging image is seen on the T-shirt.
Pros of Transfer printing
o Easiest form of printing for complex designs
o It does not involve different colors or screens; instead an image is transferred as a whole.
o It is easy to customize T-shirts as per customer convenience
o In case you want to buy custom printed T-shirts in bulk, the same is certainly useful
Cons of Transfer Printing
o The outcome is not durable and is also dependent on the underlying fiber
o The process might not be effective for Tees with complex backgrounds or darker shades.