We always get asked to quote the cheapest possible quote so we thought we cover things on costing so people can understand how to get the lowest quote when it comes to personalized t shirts. First thing to the lowest quote is to get the cheapest possible price on t shirt - now white t shirts are cheaper than colours and the price for plain and white colored t shirt is around 20p different so if you are ordering in 100's then that would made a big difference in cost. Secondly white t shirts are also cheaper to print mainly because printers do not need to lay any kind of under base and the effort needed to print white t shirt is not that great than doing colorus which t shirt which is really hard work. Thirdly the artwork - now a simple 1 colour print is a lot cheaper to print than doing multi colour designs especially artwork which has complete registration issue associated with it. Finally the most important factor is the quantity of the print run - doing a bulk print run of say 100 t shirts will be a lot less then doing print run - in fact the time it takes to say print 10 t shirt is almost the same as doing 100 t shirt on a fast automatic machines since the 10 piece we have to do on a manual machine.

So folks we have given some idea on how to bring your quote down as much as possible - any questions please feel free to email us today!