First Longer length t shirt now Long Length Sweatshirts

With our new range of long length t shirt which has seen its popularity grow over the past few months we are also offering the Long length Sweatshirts which is the new fashion craze. This Style of wear features any regular Sweatshirt/T-Shirt with a much longer torso. Ideal for informal wear but we had many orders where customers are wanting their designs on these kind of garments . Due to the origins beginning in America and due to the immense popularity, the Long length style soon found its way over the pond into the UK where it has been inherited by big brand stores such as TOPMAN, ZARA, ASOS and many others.

However, these stores have had there own twist on the Long Length concept and have further changed the fashion line as custom text and images associated with the original long length designs have been stripped to more of a minimalist approach where the Sweatshirts and T-shirts are now simply plain. This enhances the Long length clothing to be suited for more casual wear as opposed to the rap related culture it was previously linked with.