Recently we have a huge surge in demand for long length t shirts with customers choosing their cool retro style urban designs on our range of long length t shirts. From our stocked stock range we offer long length t shirt which come in sizes from S to XL and we offer in the basic color range in white, heather and black. We offer these long length t shirt from prices of plain of £1.80 and you can have your logo printed from as little as £0.50 if you are planning to place a bulk order. The trend is growing and we have had requests where customers want side zips stitched on which we cater in our London factory for order of 100+. Customers are having design printed on the front and back of these long length tees which has seen its popularity grow main stream with the likes of ASOS and TOP MAN offering them on their front display. Question is will the trend last for more than 3 years or it will just die out by next season? We have been offering the long length for 6 months now and seeing the many smaller brands and boutiques are offering them in their collection and having them printed from us and they are quite optimistic that as more range come in the market and prices fall many young people will want to wear them. Its a new trend and how the bigger brands and celebrities adapt to this new trend will determine if it's going to stay or just slow down

At the moment we are offer the plain and personalised long length tees at very keen prices so lets hope things remain string as we move into Christmas.