Sublimation is a scientific term that actually denotes heat transfer. The graphic industry today has today revolutionized the printing world and have come out with astonishing techniques amongst which sublimation is one. Sublimation technique is trending today and is even replacing well known traditional methods like screen printing due to the fact that it is cost effective and a flexible approach.

The process of sublimation uses heat to transfer dye to materials like plastic, cards or even garments in varying fabrics. The gases when combine with the underlying fiber, which is generally polyester imprints the design or image in the garment which makes technique one of the most popular one.

What all you need for the process?

Sublimation requires minimum set of things for printing on your garments. All you need is the under mentioned things:

  • The garment you choose on which sublimation printing is to be carried out must be polyester as the technique reveals the best results on the same. The reason behind choosing polyester is also that it does not shrink whenever the heat is applied. Fabrics apart from synthetic can hardly withhold heat, which can turn out to be disadvantageous at times.
  • Sublimation paper, which is also termed as the transfer paper is one of the basic requirements of sublimation printing. The paper tends to form an imprint or release ink on the garment when heat is supplied to the paper.
  • Most importantly, the printer and the ink in order to carry out sublimation effectively. There are different printers out there which go feasible with different types of inks. Be sure that you have high quality printed with proper inks be it 4 color or 8 color in order to get the perfect results.

What makes sublimation popular

  • The sublimation printing is well known because of the vivid and breathtaking designs it produces on the garments. The technique allows one to freely print all over the garment or underlying fabric, which also brings out the best of creativity and trend in a person. Undoubtedly, sublimation printing is making all the heads turn towards it from the traditional printing techniques.
  • Yes, its ‘eco-friendly’. We must give back to environment and in the world of trend today we hardly go that way but sublimation printing is something that can help one follow the path to eco-friendly nature. Since the sublimation printing directly supplies heat to the garment, the chances of waster products does not arise at all. Many other printing or dyeing processes tend to produce huge amount of waste, which certainly is not the case with sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing also offer something known as exhaust printing which implies that the same print can be used to print multiple garments exhaustively. This saves ink and multiple results can be produced at a time. Moreover, the effect that comes after certain prints on the next fabric is certainly something pleasant to the eyes and fashion.

If you want to add more to the eco-friendly aspect, you can always recycle the polyester Tees.

The best part about the sublimation technique is the ink becomes a part of the fabric and cannot be separated, which makes your garment appropriate for prolonged use. Now you know something you should opt for if you do not want your new printed T-shirt to fade or go dull.