If you are planning for kids printed t shirt for your school trip or just need printed tees for a kids event then we always get asked which is the best brand for kids tee. Well we thought we cover this in this session. If we take one step back and ask what is the best clothing for kids then we can come to obvious conclusion which is that kids need a soft cotton garment, durable in nature and finally manufactured in a facility which takes care of safety. We have many brands which includes fruit of the loom, gildan and Stars and Stripes and many more. Which is the best you may ask then that is something which can be determined by the cotton used in the tee. A ring spun cotton t shirt will be a lot more softer than a normal carded cotton. If you go for something like a combed cotton tee then you will find it will be the most soft in nature. Durability of all these brands which we offer come with shoulder to shoulder tape which gives it that added strength. Finally a side stitched tee will fit better on kids than a normally t shirt. From all these points and from a price point of view we have found that starts and stripes will be the best and cheapest for you.