If you are planning for tote bags this year for your promotion, shop or exhibition use then it's important to realize that tote bags come in 2 fabrications. The classic is the 100% cotton woven fabric tote bag which is by far the most popular and when it comes to printing on since the result is must better. The cotton woven fabric has a very nice smooth surface making it ideal for single and multi colour screen printing. However over the past few years another material has become available in the market which is a synthetic made from plastic material which if you are shopping online looks like a cotton tote bag but infact it's not. These polypropylene bags are cheaper in price but the surface is not smooth making the whole printing process not as great especially when it comes to fine details like half tone effect in the design. Since it's not made from cotton the look and feel is not as good as the classic 100% cotton woven fabric. We had many customers order these bags but when the polypropylene arrive they always complain its not the right kind of bags which they had in mind. What we say is always order 1 to check before ordering bulk personalized bags orders further more its important to understand the difference in the 2 bags especially from the point of printing result of your logo on these bags.