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Protect your Intellectual Property (IP) Right

We take IP right very seriously and we are here assist you in the protection of your intellectual property

Our online process that enables rights owners to report alleged infringements of their intellectual property

When someone uses others IP—such as copyrighted material & trademarks—in an unlawful way, it's considered infringement, which is against the law and our company's policies.

If you feel there has been an infringement then you can report it to us. Any reports of intellectual property right violations are taken very seriously and we strive to process and take appropriate action as soon as possible. For us to help we need to have all the relevant information to support and inform on the alleged infringement you're reporting.


1) Review the image and text to ensure its a violation.

2) Email us the link of the product which has caused the violation on sales@ tshirt-printing-london.co.uk. If you have any registered design right number or TM number please do email that also.

3) The email will be reviewed by our legal team who will take the appropriate action immediately